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Keep Your Pet and Other Pets Safe!

If you are bringing your pet to any of our events, remember as the pack leader you are completely responsible for your pack's safety. Make sure you know the rules of any of our pet friendly events in order to bring your pet and complete the waiver to provide to the organizing committee prior to entering the event. Completing your waiver ahead of time will get you into the event much quicker!

  • All pets must be fully under your control at all times either on a leash (maximum 6' in length), in a kennel or another device that allows you to have full control at all times

  • No retractable or flexi leashes

  • No prong collars

  • All pets must be FULLY vaccinated or have up to date Titre Tests regardless of age and type

  • You must clean up after your pet both inside and outside of the facility

  • Complete the waiver on this page if you are bringing your pet to any of our events

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