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Pet Expo 2020 Vendor Information

March 18, 2023

Our Pet Expo is a very successful fundraiser for animals! We are accepting registrations for a variety of vendors and sponsors that have a business relating to animals for our event. From treats to training, toys to clothes, behaviour to wellness! If your business provides products or services to animals, we want you in the expo!


Our expo is a one-stop shop for the day for all pets! We offer and advertise an exciting interactive day for all of our guests! Your challenge is to make your booth as interactive as possible! Have a game for kids! An agility course for dogs! Offer a service with special expo pricing! Do demonstrations of your products and services! Any activity that will entertain our guests and make their day special and memorable. Our guests bring a lot of energy to the show and we want our vendors to match it!

All vendors, with the exception of Animal Rescue Organizations are required to provide a door prize valued at a minimum of $50. Throughout the Pet Expo, we sell raffle tickets for the donated door prizes to raise money for animals in need.

All vendors participating in the Pet Expo must be representing an animal related business unless previous permissions have been granted by the organizing committee. If you register as a business that is not animal related, your application will be rejected and your registration fee will be refunded minus a 20% processing fee. If you don't know if you have an animal related business or if your business qualifies to be part of the Pet Expo, please contact the organizing committee.

Sponsor Prices

Booth Option (2).png

Sponsorship Options

With the Pet Expo being a fundraiser, we see all of our vendors as partners who are working towards a common cause and consider everyone who enters the show a sponsor. For that reason, we do not sell booths, we sell sponsorship opportunities. Sponsorship space includes the table and two chairs as well as table coverings. Space per sponsorship location is approximately 8'x6'. We utilize an open concept within the Pet Expo to ensure we capture the energy during the day, meaning we do not use piping and draping to create booths, rather we share the space with all sponsors and all patrons. **Our Host Sponsor spot has been filled.

Vendor Application

Registrations are required on or before March 1st, 2023

*Rescue organizations are exempt from having to provide a door prize.

All vendors are required to submit a Mandatory Safety Waiver if they are bringing pets.

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